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משטח מונע עייפות אקטיבי

לשולחנות עמידה


The NewLife Cradle™ Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat was designed with the standing desk user in mind. 

It imparts the perfect balance between support and cushioning through its various standing positions. 

The self-skinning polyurethane top-surface provides an enjoyable experience for the legs, feet, and back.

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The NewLife Massage Ball™ Standing Desk Mat is a unique approach to work-time comfort. 

It feels great while wearing shoes, but slip them off and you’ll take full advantage of the polished massaging ball. 

Rejuvenate aching soles with a gentle back and forth motion of the leg. 

The self-skinned polyurethane top-surface features raised texture dots and are durable and easy-to-clean.